Who is Synth Media

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We are a Vermont-based company with an international reach. I have 12 years of experience in social media management and the skillset to help you define your brand and attract your ideal customer. 
We specialize in everything related to social media, from content strategy to brand and community management. With an eclectic background, I've have worked with authors, international fitness companies and, craft beverage brands. 


What Makes Synth

Transparency: We will always offer open and honest communication. 


Synthesis - We wholeheartedly believe in collaboration every step of the way. We think of ourselves as a partner with each brand we work with.


Passion: We love working with passionate people, and choose brands to work with that we strongly believe in.


Quality: I believe in always providing a premium service. If I'm not the right person for your brand or a specific job, I'll pair you with someone that will give you the experience you deserve.


Family: Not only are our families important, but we want those working with us to feel like family as well. This means if you need to reach the owner, graphic designer, or community manager, you won't get an assistant. We believe in one on one support, even if it's not planned. We also love networking with brands within Synth Media.